Brian Bingman is about the business of today because Oklahomans deserve a brighter tomorrow.

  • Brian Bingman has no political agenda.
  • Brian Bingman believes that unnecessary regulations should be removed at the state level in the same way Donald Trump has removed them at the national level
  • Brian Bingman will work to protect the interests of all Oklahoma citizens and not the special interest groups.
  • Brian Bingman believes Oklahoma has a bright future and will put Oklahoma first.
  • Brian Bingman wants to bring timeliness and order to the commission process
  • Bingman wants to ensure that orders of the commission are issued in a timely and efficient manner
  • Brian Bingman wants to ensure companies have certainty at the commission.
  • Brian Bingman wants to provide for a better tomorrow.
  • Brian Bingman will bring a new insight and fresh eyes into the commission.
  • Brian Bingman wants to return the Corporation Commission back into a full operating state agency to relieve the backlog of caseloads.
  • Brian Bingman will work to provide reliable energy at the lowest possible cost
  • Brian Bingman will make sure that no energy business will be excluded from the state to bring in more dollars and business into Oklahoma.
  • Brian Bingman believes all energy resources in Oklahoma including wind, coal, natural gas, and oil are important for the future of this state.







Authorized and Paid for by Bingman for Corporation Commissioner 2018

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