Brian Bingman’s Oklahoma roots span three generations.

Brian Bingman Means Business, because Oklahomans deserve a brighter future.

Brian Bingman’s Oklahoma roots span three generations. He is a father, grandfather, and has worked in the oil patch for his entire professional career. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Brian started as a petroleum landman for Continental Oil Co., now Conoco-Phillips.

Today, Brian is Vice President of Land and Operations for Uplands Resources. He served 12 years in the Oklahoma Legislature, and was chosen by his colleagues to be the leader of the State Senate, a job he held for six years before term-limited from office.

While in the Senate, Brian was the principal author of a far-reaching workers compensation reform which lowered rates for businesses statewide. Despite considerable opposition, Brian put in place a new administrative system to replace one that enriched lawyers at the expense of job-creators and their employees. He also led efforts to make a new and large investment into Oklahoma roads and highways while taking politics out of the decision-making process.

Brian has been married to his wife, Paula, for 39 wonderful years. They met at the University of Oklahoma. Paula is a former middle school and junior high math teacher in Sapulpa. The Bingmans have three children, Rebecca Selle and Annie Bilby. Their son, Blake Bingman, died in a tragic jet ski accident in 1995. Their six grandchildren are the joys of their lives: Blake, 11, Merritt, 8, Ellie, 7, Madi, 5, Harper, 4, and Jackson, 1.

Brian Bingman leads.

  • He leads from experience in the private sector.
  • He leads from an inner strength gained from raising a family through trials and triumphs.
  • He leads as a trusted community servant who is fair and reasonable.

Brian has earned a wage through hard work and life experience.

  • For 37 plus years, he has rolled up his sleeves and gotten dirty as an oilfield worker.
  • He knows how important jobs are for our state’s economy.
  • He know families and seniors have subsisted for too long on stagnate and fixed incomes.  
  • Brian knows that today’s issues matter, and leaders should never allow the past to prevent a brighter tomorrow.
  • Brian has earned a wage through hard work and life experience.

It’s time to move Oklahoma forward.

  • Brian Bingman is about the business of today because Oklahomans deserve a brighter tomorrow.
  • Brian knows that our jobs and economy directly affect our household income.
  • He knows that an overreaching government regulates our businesses too much and takes more from our pockets than necessary. It’s costing families more in lower wages and higher costs.



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